Energy Modeling

We use energy modeling and analysis to inform the design team of the energy impacts of design choices including thermal performance of structural elements, HVAC systems configurations, and control options. We also help set energy performance targets based on similar building and define performance paths to achieve these targets.

Our energy modeling provides the required documentation for pursuing LEED credits and in obtaining energy incentives from state and utility energy programs. We respond to all inquiries by the USGBC during the credit review process.

We create a narrative describing the key features of the facility and modeling techniques needed to capture the design concepts. The report incorporates the LEED compliance tables for the baseline and design cases as well as summary reports from the simulation. We also create a sensitivity matrix showing the impact of each design option. This table not only shows the relative impacts of the design features, but also serves a quality assurance role as a check that each measure had on impact of a reasonable range.