Document actual performance and operability

Commissioning (Cx) is a systematic quality assurance process to ensure that building systems operate according to the design intent and the owner's operational needs. A main outcome of the process is documentation verifying system operations. Reviews and preparation activities are designed to identify and deal with issues early in the process to minimize deficiencies to be discovered in the functional testing or later in operations. In Commissioning efforts we use our performance assessment and measurement and verification skills to prove system operation across the full range of loading conditions. We incorporate the LEED requirements in our Commissioning process. Our technical background in performance assessment along with our project management and communications skills combine to provide a successful and satisfactory Commissioning procedure.

Our two main goals in Commissioning are: 1) to provide the customer with documented evidence that the building systems operate as intended and 2) that the operations staff have the information and training they need to maintain system performance. All of the Commissioning tasks are designed to obtain these goals in an efficient manner.

For LEED certified projects XRG will develop, manage and document a Cx process to verify that the owner’s project requirements within the Cx scope are in line with the US Green Building Council’s LEED prerequisite Commissioning requirements. Further, XRG will facilitate the process through planning, documenting, setting testing requirements, witnessing the testing performed by the contractors and assisting in reviewing and analyzing results. Typically, the Cx scope will include energy using systems as follow:

  • HVAC

  • Lighting

  • Building Controls

  • Renewables